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Datapath Vision-E2S & Datapath Vision RGBPRO2


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Is it possible to have both cards in one display PC?


Today I have installed both of them in one of my computers. Configuration is as follows:

ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe

ATi HD6990 with 4 displays (one DVI-RGB, 1 HDMI, 2x miniDP-RGB)

1 x composite capture on PCI slot

1 x Datapath Vision E2S on PCI Express

1 x Datapath Vision RGBPRO2 on PCI slot


All cards are installed with no problems in Windows 7, 2 devices for E2S and 4 devices for RGBPRO2


In Watchout (ver 5.3) all devices can be chosen in Video in. But when I add them as live video - camera input is OK, E2S and RGB Pro are showing one and the same - the input that is fed to the DVI port via DVI-RGB adapter.


Any ideas ?

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Always specify driver version when posting, please! This is very important!


There are different drivers for E2s (2 digital/analog inputs) and RGBPRO2 (2 analog inputs)


- VisionRGB-E2s: http://www.datapath.co.uk/filedownloader/vision.zip (v7.0.3 30.10.2012)

- VisionRGB-PRO: http://www.datapath.co.uk/filedownloader/vrgbpro_1.zip (v08.01.02 19.05.2011)


I think this is a Datapath issue, not a WATCHOUT one.

I'm not sure how these two drivers works together, though.


Are you using Kernel or User Mode source filters with the E2s?

Kernel is preferred at the moment.

The selection is part of the installation process for the Vision card.



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today i tried to install


1 VIsionRGB-E2s

1 VisionSDI2


I tried many ways, but unfortunately without good results...


Or Boths vision cards worked fine, or onlye the RGB-PRO2 card worked.


I used the latest driver pack from their site:


for the visionrgbpro2 card: v08.01.02 19.05.2011 24649KB


for the DVI/SDI card v7.0.3 30.10.2012 56818KB


I'll keep ya posted.

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"RGB Pro and Vision RGB E2s cards are not currently supported when installed together in one system.

You may run either a RGBPro system or a Vision card system but cannot mix the two together.

We apologise for the inconvenience"



Well... I have to buy a motherboard that has 2 PCIe x4 slots so I can use 2 E2S cards together.

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