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Masking a Projector


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I have a project coming up where we will have three LED walls that measure about 4 feet wide by 12 feet tall with alternating projection screens the same size. So it will go LED wall projection surface then LED wall projection surface then one more LED wall. I will be using one projector to project onto both screens with an LED wall in the middle. I want to take one image and it flow across all the displays. I do not have a watchout in front of me so I am trying to brainstorm how that can happen. I will have a six output machine one output will feed all three LED walls then another output to feed the projector. I want to know if I can mask the output going to the projector so that I will only have image where the screens are. I do not want image to be spilling out where the LED walls are. What are my options on how to achieve this effect? I look forward to the ideas.


Carmen Anfuso

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Yes, Tiers is the right way to go. Put your LED screens and Projection screens on different Tiers. Then you open the Layer settings (in the Timeline) and connect the Layers to the appropriate Tiers.


In addition, if you want the same content to travel through all screens, you have to apply pixel-density-scaling because the size of the LED pixels and the Projected pixels will probably not match. You can do this scaling in WATCHOUT. Just double-click on your display. Leave the Display resolution as it is (should be the native resolution of your screen) but enter a large/smaller number in the "Stage resolution" a bit further down in the same dialog.


Good luck


Fredrik Svahnberg


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