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watchout 6 udp discover message appear


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hi , i experience a issue with wo6 .. "discover" message keep appear and the black error pop up appear..

i use unity3D to send signal to watchout server through udp.

the message that i sent merge with the discover message that come out from no where randomly ..

i suspect it from watchout  it self... 


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The CR (\r) is important since this will tell WATCHOUT that the command is complete and can be analyzed.

TCP/IP has the benefit that the sender will get a receipt. UDP just sends but does not care whether the receiver is listening.

If you have trouble making unity3D talk to WATCHOUT, try a telnet client like PUTTY and send RAW messages to WATCHOUT. You'll see all responses and it's easier to troubleshoot problems. Once you've figured out what to send you can go to your application and build it from there.


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If you do not close the command with \r, WATCHOUT will ignore it until the incoming buffer is full. 


BTW, the gotoTime command would look like this:

gotoTime "00:00:01.000" timeline    or     gotoTime 1000 timeline    if the name of the aux timeline is    timeline.


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