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Latency between timeline and timecode


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Hi there guys.. Happy Holiday


Yesterday i did some test on my WO5...

I try to trigger the timeline with audio(analog) input and it works..   :rolleyes:


But i found a problem.. the timecode and the main timeline did not have the same position .. 




My Question are :


1. Does changing the sound card will fix this latency ( i use the built in audio input port from the motherboard )


2. Does it required specific cabling things to fix this latency also ??



Thanks a lot.....







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But notice that the 'seconds' number is different between the timecode & timeline values. That shouln't happen when you say one reads in 1/100ths of a second, and the other reads in frames.


That depends on the timecode format.

NTSC frame rates of 29.97 NDF, 29.97 DF, 59.94

are not time accurate and the times will be off when compared to a stopwatch.

The bigger the timecode value, the bigger the error.

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