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Fix NDI stream freeze without Update?


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Hi we are using NDI to capture a live camera stream from an iPhone to display as one element of a show.  At times the stream freezes for long periods, we assume because of some momentary connection hiccup, and Watchout seems unable to refresh it.  If we Update, however, the stream unfreezes immediately.  Executing an Update in live show conditions is not a feasible option, as it requires operator interaction, and causes noticeable effects to other aspects of the show. 

How can we fix this feature so that Watchout is able to refresh the NDI stream on its own without a manual update?  We are in the midst of building this show currently, so this is high priority for us, and any fixes would be greatly appreciated!

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in several cases I solved by putting the NDI flow into an auxiliary task and then putting a jump back on its timeline.
In this way, once set to play, the jump will keep the flow always active, otherwise the NDI driver, if it does not hear a regular flow, pauses the streaming to save on the network data flow.
This function cannot be changed since it is intrinsic to the NDI driver.

Best regards.


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