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Two Watchpax 4 Questions


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Hello all,

Two questions about the Watchpax 4. I have a trade show coming up where I'll have two watchpax running for a few days straight. It will just be looping three files the whole time.

First, how do you turn on/off/ restart the Watchpax safely? I don't see a power button.

Second, should I restart the Watchpax every morning? I always hear recommendations to do that on full servers, but I'm curious if I need to with these.


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4 hours ago, wiesemann said:

why don‘t you just leave them on?

I've been told to restart my companies larger Watchout servers regularly to ensure there's no weirdness with memory.  I usually don't.


1 hour ago, Diego Marchente said:


Do you also have Brightsign installed on the same network ???


I do not have Brightsign.

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We usually leave our servers running at trade shows once they're set up. Doesn't matter whether it's a big server or a small one.

WP4 doesn't have a power switch and you can actually power it down by cutting the power (or, if you want to be nice to the device, send a powerDown command).

To power on, just plug the power cable back in. It will boot into WATCHOUT. To automatically run your show follow the instructions in the manual p. 172ff. There is a script in the autostart file which can start your servers. Important!!! Only apply this script to one of your two servers if they're in the same show (cluster).

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