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Blue screen with Blackmagic cards


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I am using decklink extreme PCI and decklink SDI on the same PC to capture live and PPT, I noticed that sometimes when this cards on and I do update from the production PC the Blue screen (BSOD) pop up on the projection screen. did this happen to any one?


I am using Windows 7 64

WO 5.3.1

all the drivers up to date.

my pc hardware its not important as it happened with different PCs with different hardware.!!




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Blue screens are always caused by OS/driver/hardware issues, and can not be caused by a user-level application, such as WATCHOUT. Since we have lots of customers using Blackmagic cards successfully with WATCHOUT, my guess is that it's something related to your hardware.



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Thanks Geogen this was really helpful


I downgraded my ATI driver but this alone didn't really work with the latest Decklink driver 7.1 so again i downgraded the decklink driver to 6.1 and it work fine on all the display PCs, problem solved.


thanks all

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