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6.5 error with importing


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Hi all,


I have a new issue running our first show on 6.5. It seems that after I import one media file, it does not want to import another until I quit and reload the program. And often it locks up after importing, forcing me to crash it. This is true while being Online or Offline, and auto update on and off. 

Anyone have similar issues? I’ve tried repairing the install to no avail. 

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I assume that you're running your system in a proven and known infrastructure (switch, displays, server hardware...)!?

We've used WATCHOUT 6.5 in installations and I imported all of our 10+ shows of our Academy Training program into WATCHOUT 6.5 yesterday without any issues at all. Those shows consists of many different files and formats.

I've seen one case which sounds a littlebit like your problem where the Microsoft Defender (Win 10) on the production computer blocked the transfer of files to the display computers. Have you tweaked your computers?

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Yes, the system is a known and tested infrastructure. It is a ShowSage system, and the only change that has been made this show was upgrading to 6.5. It’s a very strange thing, and now seems to be inconsistent. My current assumption is that it is related to the media files themselves and an encoding issue that WO is maybe having difficulty with (although after a restart, does run that media fine). 

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