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  1. assafyosef

    timeline command problem

    hi, i have a project with one screen and around 300 pictures . i jump from picture to picture through tcp commands gotoTime. the problem is when i send the same command it takes me to different picture every time. i use the main time line and it is hour and 50 minutes long. i use wo 6.2.2 what can be the problem ? thank you, assaf
  2. assafyosef

    unspecific error / assertion

    Hi David, thank you for your reply . if you can direct me with specific questions as i don't know what information to provide. assaf
  3. assafyosef

    unspecific error / assertion

    hi , when i try to update from production i get this error. what is it ? thank you, assaf
  4. assafyosef

    network problem

    hi, i have a project with 2 displays. computer spec : msi z270 mother board i7 r9 280x display card 256 ssd hard drive win 7 i followed the watchout recomendations for configuring the computer. when i update the presentation i get a lot of errors, and when i try to work with the production i get up to 3 seconds delay and the movies on the task start also with delay.attached the errors i get. i connected a straight network cable and disabled firewall on both computers.
  5. assafyosef

    alpha video

    i'm working with 6.1.5 version is it ok to use it in mov ? i press add media then choose this file , and i see a square with >>> in the thumbnail
  6. assafyosef

    alpha video

    thank you for your answers. i had the hap file under mov file. the watchout does not recognize the file . do i have to download the hap codec? if so, where can i find it ? thank you. assaf
  7. assafyosef

    12 audio channels

    hi, i have a project for which i need 12 audio channels using wo 6 dongle. what hardware i need ? thank you, assaf
  8. assafyosef

    alpha video

    hi, i have a new project with 1 computer , 3 fhd outputs. i want to play a backgound video, and on top of it i will have 11 areas to play an alpha video on trigger ( each area have a trigger, they can all work together ). what type of movies i need to ask for the alpha video's ? what are the recommended computer specifications for this to work well ? thank you, assaf
  9. assafyosef

    artnet disconnect

    hi, i have a system with watchout 6 . i control lights in this system via artnet. i have a problem that when they restart the artnet controller , i loose control of it until i reset the player . is there a way to solve this ? if not - is there a command i can send via tcp or udp ( third party controller ) to relaunch the player ? i think it will solve it also. thank you, assaf
  10. assafyosef

    black screen

    hi, i have a running project ( for a week ) with around 100 pictures on a timeline. each picture have opacity for fade in and out. on a press on a tablet, i send commands : run ( to fade out ) gototime ( to go to the selected picture, and fade in ) after opacity go to 100% it pause until the next tablet press. half of the pictures are followed by dmx light - each picture have unique light and it turns all other off. when the client press fast on the same picture ( only the ones with the light ) it goes to black, and if he press after a couple of seconds on another picture it shows the older picture for a second and go back to black. what can cause this? another question - i have a task to kill all lights , task with 50 layers- all dmx i have in 0% and i think this causes this problem. is there another way to kill all lights and then light on the dmx i need ? thank you, assaf
  11. assafyosef

    recomended graphic card

    thank you for your answer. i did buy the w9100 , but i don't believe i'll be able to get win7. is there a way it will work for 6 screens with win 8/10 ?
  12. assafyosef

    recomended graphic card

    hi, what is the recomended graphic card for 6 displays in one computer ? also for 4 displays. all full hd. thank you, assaf
  14. assafyosef


    i see it on the display. i just realized the files are 865 mbps and i think this is the problem. i need to send them a definition of the files to work smoothly. i'll be happy if you can help me with that. thank you, assaf
  15. assafyosef


    hi, the client sent me 8 second 827 mb prores file. i uploaded it on my system (watchout 6) and the movie is not smooth. i saw the watchout suppose to support prores files. is there a specific definition or it is hardware problem ? thank you, assaf