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  1. WATCHOUT 6.2.2 released

    no free run with audio cues with this 6.2.2 version. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  2. with wasapi i was able to output 2 channels only. with asio4all 6 channels. asio4all control panel see a 6 channels only audio device and realtek control panel, when asio4all is installed, refuses to set the system in 7.1 while with asio4all uninstalled 7.1 works well with windows. i have installed realtek drivers from asrock website, i'll check if an asio driver from realtek is available
  3. Just tried. Without asio4all i can only output 2 audio channels. With asio4all 6 audio output. Not possible to set up 8 audio output even if my motherboard (asrock x99 extreme 4) has 4 stereo audio output jack (7.1) and with realtek drivers on windows i can hear everyone of the 8 channels.
  4. WATCHOUT 6.2 Bugs

    Audio cue don't work in loop+freerun mode. If i place a wave file and pause on it, it stops playing even of I set loop and freerun. Is it a problem of my computer only or a bug of 6.2? Same computer with 6.1.6 works fine
  5. Do I have to use asio4all even on a custom display machine to output 8 different audio channels from onboard minijack connectors? Realtek audio driver. Only 2 channels working. In this case does asio4all have to be installed on the display machine only? What about the correct confoguration of this software? Where to find watchout asio interface in the display pc? Thanks
  6. Feature requests? - POST here

    It seems that it's not possible to insert control cues in a composition
  7. WATCHOUT 6 Public Beta

    will v6 work straight away with windows 10? has anyone tested it with the tech preview of win 10?
  8. H264 CBR

    In "WATCHOUT - Codecs for stable WATCHOUT playback" document I read "Constant Bit Rate (CBR)" under the H264 section. How do you achieve the CBR encoding? I use x264 as encoder and am wondering if an ABR encoding mode with the vbv-maxrate value set to the same value of bitrate is to consider "constant" enough and in this case how would you set the vbv-bufsize? this is intended to encode files in the better way to have a perfect sync between 2 or more displays
  9. Magewell Capture Card for Watchout?

    I've tried the 4 x 3G-SDI card and works well
  10. Shutdown Script

    I've noticed this problem: power up works until you switch the power off. why? is it a bug/can this behaviour be fixed? with WOL functions i can switch remote PCs on even after a power break...
  11. wo 5.5.1 and TCP commands

    i'll try to sniff the tcp packets as soon as this event is over. thanks
  12. wo 5.5.1 and TCP commands

    here is my output window (each ip is a barco projector) and aux timeline called "PJ ON" which should turn on all the projectors:
  13. wo 5.5.1 and TCP commands

    there are 2 seconds between every command
  14. I'm using an aux timeline to switch on/off 8 barco projectors using TCP command string. I created 8 TCP output each one configured with its projector IP and port and then put the 8 cues on a timeline with the power on/off string. Now it happens that when it runs only the first 3 projectors switch on/off. I thought a it was due to network issue but the strange thing is that if I put the power on output command of the PJs 4,5,6 before PJs 1,2,3 watchout switch on the 4,5,6 PJs and not the 1,2,3,7,8 and so on. So it seems that the output works only for the first 3 connections... do you have any experience on that?