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    News HAP 10 / HAP Q Alpha

    Hi, as a intermediate solution please give the following the AVF Batch Encoder v1.6 for this source: https://github.com/Vidvox/hap-in-avfoundation/releases/tag/1.4a trial. Perfect for transcoding and re-compression of content. For HAP, HAP Alpha, HAP Q and HAP Q Alpha you can choose between no chunks (default) and up to 8 chunk encoding. It's using the QuickTime Components for PJPEG, H.264, ProRes 422, ProRes 4444, HAP, HAP Alpha, HAP Q an HAP Q Alpha from /Library/QuickTime, directly. You will only need to install the HAP package (which version ever you like to use) by yourself, in addition. You can change the frame size, strip, copy or transcode the audio tracks. Additionally you can leave the video without re-compression. Another big benefit is the processing speed, without any virtual bottle necks. Kind regards, Nic
  2. nicb

    Audio Problem with 6.1.2

    Hi, it's a pretty big deal for us, as well. The time for the upcoming shows with multi-channel setups is running out. Kind regards, Nic
  3. The vnc service was my bad, left from some system tests for other tools. The overall system performance, before launching display.exe, was perfect. All system tests were successful and as expected, with vary tools. I'm spacy, not stupid. Let me say, I've understood the "substance" of your statement, but not the "sense". Thank you for the quick replays and your time. Best regards, nic
  4. I have some new realization regarding the stutter. It seams like the trouble has gone. I've found an active silent vnc service running. After disabling and removing the service, the Image Sequences are running like a charm, four of them simultaneous. I'm keeping an eye on this, but it should be fine, for now. I can't get the meaning of the "computer builder" statement, but anyway, thank you for the reply. Best regards, nic
  5. Hi fellows, I have big trouble with Image Sequences consisting of TIFF files @ HD1080/50fps without compression, within WATCHOUT 6. The playback of the video proxy container is stuttering from time to time. Some runs are smooth, some not, regardless of the playback mode (native, loop, free run + loop). As I see, it does not matter, if Frame Blending is active or not. The project and the display engine are set to 50 Hz, just for the record. My Hardware specs: OS: MS Windows 7 Professional 64 bit (tweaked by dataton's tweaking doc) MB: ASUS X99-E WS CPU: Intel i7-5960X GPU: AMD FirePro W7100 RAM: 16 GB; QuadChan SSD OS: 1 x Plextor PX-G256M6e M.2 2280 SSD @ 256 GB SSD WO: 1 x Intel PCI-E NVME SSD 750 @ 400 GB SSD Stuff: 2 x Samsung SSD 850 Pro (1 TB) @ 1 TB/RAID 1 The Intel 750 SSD-Board is serving up to 2,1 GB/s for reading files. So it should not be a problem of slow data handling. It may handle one Image Sequence @ HD1080/50fps with ease, in theory. The CPU is having 8 cores @ 3 GHz, should be way enough. Do you have any suggestion regarding this issue? I appreciate any advice. Best regards and thanks in advance, nic
  6. Hi Helge, may you share the specs for the 8 Channel file, please? I got an DirectShow media error for my 8-Chan WAV files from our customer. Or maybe someone else can help here. Best regards & thanks in advance, Nic
  7. Hi Chaps, The MOTU UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid works great under Windows 7 (32/64bit) as Multi Channel Audio Device with up to 8 channels. Just uncheck the "Use Stereo Pairs for Windows Audio" box. You will find the box in MOTO Audio configuration. Best regards, Nic