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  1. @cihaner, can you give slightly more on your system specs, and the driver is that the Win10 Enterprise Driver or is that the Win 7 driver from October or December? I have so far been unable to reproduce what you have seen and would need to see if I can make the system specs I'm testing match more closely. Just trying to eliminate variables! Otherwise, you're positive that all of your network settings are correct on both the Display and Production machines? No Firewalls, anti-malware/Virus software running in the background. Wi-Fi was turned off when you launched Watchmaker? These are other things I've seen that can cause an issue similar to what you've described. Best of luck
  2. You can always start your search here: https://showsage.com/affiliates/ This is a list of persons and companies that Show Sage has trained and or dealt with. The people that you come into contact with may be able to point you to other persons as the list is only people/ companies that have asked to be put on the list.