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  1. Hi, I need to have 6 separate channels outputing from a Watchpax 4. As adviced by Dataton we bought a Behringer Fca610 to make it work (the Behringer driver are included in WP4 / WATCHOUT v6.2.x builds) It is well recognised by the Watchpax, but with the WASPI interface, only 2 channels are available at the time. As I can't instal any drivers into a watchpax, and so no asio for all to unlock the 6 channels needed. Any ideas on how to make it work ? update to 6.2.2 (curently in 6.2.1) ? Downgrade to an older version without wasapi ? Thanks
  2. I have the same issue on 6.2.1, I was hoping that it was solved on 6.2.2 do you have any info about that ?
  3. A way to move the corner pins with the arrows would be much (much) more precise than with the mouse.
  4. I already knew and use the corner pin on the media element. I was more talking about the virtual display itself when you create it, being able to corner pin it directly from the stage would be awesome. This way you'll have you medial element corner pins matching the real corner of the shape you grabbed, and it would be much easier to map. The geometry correction on the virtual display might be interesting, bur I don't see that for now.
  5. I'm not sure I saw this somewhere but, it would be awesome to be able to modify the shape of a virtual display so that It could be non-rectangular. (like a corner pin on the virtual display itself) It would be perfect to grab directly a specific shape in order to map it.
  6. My tests shown that I still had the phase shift on the display computer, even with the Use Audio Renderers Own Clock, but less offten (2 times in 20 starts) As I prefer to play safe, we can stay on 6.0.2 that works and wait for the official 6.1.5 but as we rarely do multiple audio I look forward to use the Force Single Audio Renderer option
  7. My bad, I had tried "Use Audio Renderers Own Clock" on the producer and the phase issue was resolved, but occasionally the sounds start off sync with the image. I didn't tried that on the displays with my external sound card. I've done it today, it seems to work, but as it's intermittent issue and it might take a while to appear, I will make servals tests in different situations.
  8. Finally, we experienced again the phase issue on a show, so it doesn't seems to be solved on 6.1.4 does somebody have the same issue than us ?
  9. Thanks, In deed, it solve the clicking sound. For me, the occasional loss of stereo or phase change was still on the Producer but, good news, not on the Displays (tested on servals machines). I didn't try the 'Use Audio Renderers Own Clock' on the producer but as I use only my displays to playback sound it is not to bad...
  10. Hi, we've experience an audio issue on our servers in WO6.1 with .wav playback. Occasionally (but often) the sounds pan to one side or an another or goes mono, it sounds like the phase is shifting a bit. If we stop the playback and start it again it sometimes go back to normal, (but we can't do that in show, can't we !) and the issue doesn't appear at the same location each time (so it doesn't look as a media issue.) It does that on different machines (WINDOWS 7) with different audio cards (Motu AudioExpress, Presonus audiobox, inboard audio card, and also on the audio out of the
  11. Hi, It's the same for us can't wait for the update.
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