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  1. Hello, I am trying to upload a watchnet bundle file, weight 80gb. but every time i start uploading it, it stops at 3% without any notice. anybody has any idea what might be the problem? thanks, Guy
  2. watchout 6.2.1 i tried powering up the computer when the signal is already running, with same result.
  3. Hi, i am configuration a system with a Magewell dual HDMI capture card. i started testing the system with input from a laptop with HDMI output, 1920x1080@60hz, but the image i get un the capture, is very pixelated and unfocused. the image is fine when connected directly to a monitor. anybody has any idea what might be the problem?
  4. i'm not based in morocco, but will take a flight if needed. i do many projects in europe. Guy
  5. hi eric, can you explain how to render ffmpeg please? guy
  6. Both solutions sounds good for that problem. Michael, Could you please send me the file as well? Thanks, Guy
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