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Watch PAX LED Wall LinSN Sending Card


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I'm sorry Peter,

but I highly doubt that ANY graphics card will give you that resolution natively, not WATCHPAX:s graphic card either.


You need to send a standard (VESA) resolution out of WATCHPAX, set the same resolution in the WATCHOUT Show

and have the LED-wall processor scale and/or position the signal.


If  the display device do not send any EDID to the WATCHPAX (or any graphics card), there will be no output.

The remedy for this is to use an EDID Manager, like DVI Parrot, Extron etc, which tell the graphic card what resolution to send, continuously. 



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Also note, Windows will not normally allow custom resolutions

below the horizontal minimum of 640 or below the vertical minimum of 480.


With regular computers / regular Windows, it is possible to set custom resolutions

by hacking the registry, but the above minimums still remain in effect.

WATCHPAX uses Windows embedded and is locked from changes,

so you can not hack the registry (or change much of anything else for that matter).


Even when you have hacked in a non-standard resolution on regular Windows,

you still need EDID data to match.

With non-standard res, you will most likely need to use an EDID manager

that permits the setting of custom resolutions, otherwise,

the display you are connecting to must provide the non-standard EDID.

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You must configure the Linsn sending card EDID to a resulution that WachPax can display, lets say 1920x1080.


To do this you must connect the TX card USB  to a pc and run Ledstudio.


Go to: Option > Software setup
 type "lins" and use the password "168"
 Sender > dispaly mode > 1920x1080
and press Save on sender.


Don't forget you must now set the same resolution on watchout production.

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