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Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder - CAUTION

Jonas Dannert

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Hi all,


Just a heads up on the new, cheap Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder capture card.



While on the surface it looks like a perfect replacement for a Blackmagic Intensity Pro,

with one HDMI input and one 1.5G HDSDI input (not to be used simultaneously), it bring some caveats.


The HDMI input ONLY accepts an YUV-signal, NOT a RGB-signal, as Intensity Pro can,

meaning most computer sources are not possible to use with this card.


If Blackmagic intend to fix this or not, is not known as of now, but until they do, proceed with caution.



Hope this helps,



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Has anyone had a good experience with the Blackmagic mini recorder? Did BMD update the drive to accept an RGB signal in the HDMI input? How well does the SDI input work?


Petty sure that is a hardware limitation of the mini recorder, not driver.

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