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13 channels of audio


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Interesting audio set up. 8 screens with a speaker at each screen. Three more speakers hanging from ceiling. One sub-woofer. One "butt-kicker" subwoofer under the floor to shake the audience with bass. What is the best way to use Watchout to output the audio? We have two Watchout display computers each with a 4-output video card, but how does the audio work?  

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I assume every speakers play individual audio, if some of them are playing same audio, you may use audio DA.

here one of the post talking about multi-channel audio, please have a look.


you can use mentioned hardware to play up to 8 channels per display pc.

hope this help.

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Be aware that audio sent from more than one computer will not be phase accurate in it's sync!


This means: you can use individual computers to send out audio, as long as the audio is not the same as on the second computer. Sending the same audio out of two computers will lead to interferences which may lead to canceling the audio signal from one computer with the audio played from the second. 


If you have some main audio signal on a couple of channels played from one computer and additional audio effects from the other computer(s) it will most probably work.


Best regards


Rainer Beddig

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