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VNC veiwer for display computer


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Hello all

I had a situation last night during a tech rehearsal where one of my display computers went offline during the rehearsal. Can you vnc into the display computer to restart the computer?I wanted to shutter the projector and restart the computer. Instead I had to use the projector to see the display computer while still in tech. Sadly I think the display computer was knocked over by another crew member which caused it to stop working. I am running Windows 7. WO 5.5.

Also should I delete my cach file before we go into the open of the show so all the files are transfered "fresh"?



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Select the Display of the computer you want to manage in the Stage Window then go to Stage in the toolbar, > Manage Display Computer > Remote Access.

You don't have to delete the cache, and depending on how large the show is, rebuilding it could take awhile.

Also, I noticed in 5.5 there is a rebuild cache command in the toolbar somewhere. Maybe Jonas or Jim can describe that for us.


Another thing: If a WO display computer goes offline during a show and you get the splash screen onstage, you can sometimes just go offline and back online and it will catch up. All depends on how and why it went offline.

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...  Can you vnc into the display computer to restart the computer?I wanted to shutter the projector and restart the computer ....


From watchmaker, there are direct Power Down and Power up commands you could use to do this.

Yes, you could use VNC built into watchpoint to access the Windows Restart command as an alternative.


As for deleting the cache - welcome to the risks of using watchmaker as a playback controller.

As long as you do not update / change WATCHOUT versions,

the cache can only be changed via watchmaker connection.

If you playback in cluster mode with another form of controller,

the watchpoint cache can not change and therefore any new issues related to the cache can not occur.

If you think deleting the cache from watchmaker will help, go ahead, but that is not a panacea.

It does not have any impact on movie playback.

Deleting the cache does not re-transfer the media, it simply goes through

the still image media already stored there and re-creates the still image cache.

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