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wo 5.5.1 and TCP commands


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I'm using an aux timeline to switch on/off 8 barco projectors using TCP command string.

I created 8 TCP output each one configured with its projector IP and port and then put the 8 cues on a timeline with the power on/off string.


Now it happens that when it runs only the first 3 projectors switch on/off.

I thought a it was due to network issue but the strange thing is that if I put the power on output command of the PJs 4,5,6 before PJs 1,2,3 watchout switch on the 4,5,6 PJs and not the 1,2,3,7,8 and so on.


So it seems that the output works only for the first 3 connections... do you have any experience on that?

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My cue times are often 0.1s and it will work.


But not on every Destination: other Watchout Production PC, VLC, the Vista System Spyder, the Extron DVS 605 and Powerpoint is working well with this times.


i have the same "Error" by sending IP Commands to a Picturall Octo Mediaserver to control the Layers (synced to Watchout): Sometimes the Command is working sometimes not.


Do you have the Chance to see the "Log" of the Projectors? Christie is written everything into a log that i could see in my Windows Browser (Power up, Cooing Time, Input, Commands on TCPIP Port, RS232, GPIO and so on), perhaps ist possible that the Barcos have a similar "tool"


My next step will be: Read the Network traffic with a "Sniffing Tool" and try to compare the Commands with the Commands from the "original Software Tool" which is controlling the Server. On that way i get the Commands for Watchout to control the Vista Spyder ;-)

Perhaps it will work in your Case.


Greetings from Germany


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