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How to integrate Live Video to Watchpax ?


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Hi, I wonder is it possible to integrate Live Video to Watchpax? is it the USB port can be act for input?



Simple answer is no.

WATCHPAX is Zero Configuration purpose built, access to windows embedded is locked.

You can not install the driver needed for any add-on not already included by Dataton. 

WATCHPAX includes no drivers for USB capture hardware.

BTW USB video capture typically requires USB 3, WATCHPAX only provides USB 2. reference:  WATCHPAX product sheet


If latency is not an issue, you could use a separate computer

to capture the live signal and stream that to WATCHPAX via the network.

This would not be acceptable for iMag or similar live use.

WATCHPAX can accept a network stream via WATCHOUT's Network Video media object.

Third party software tools running on a non-WATCHOUT computer

would need to perform the magic of capturing and streaming the live feed to the network

in a form that is compatible with WATCHOUT.

reference: Dataton WATCHOUT User's Guide - Version 5.2 — Chapter 3 — Media — Network Video — page 48—49

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Hi there,



We are also thinking to buy this product, but how are we going to provide the live feed? You stated above that "WATCHPAX can accept a network stream via WATCHOUT's Network Video media object.". How can we do this?


Thanks sir


Been away on holiday.


If you don't already own it,

you really do not want to purchase a WATCHPAX for live capture applications.


WATCHMAX on the other hand is well suited to that task,

as it can accommodate up to twelve live HD-SDI inputs.

Be sure to specify quantity and signal type desired

for capture options when ordering / requesting a quote.

for example, live feed -> one SL DVI

or live feed->  four HD-SDI,


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BTW If you do already own WATCHPAX, you will need a device to 

accept the live signal and convert it to an RTSP MPEG 2 mulit-cast stream.

In WATCHOUT, use Network Video media type to place the stream on the displays.

Expect delay in such a system.


Normally your integrator can provide products to perform the conversion.

Just ran a google search, there seems to be lots of products out there for this,

both hardware and software based.

Sounds like a great research project for ISE early next month ;-)


Not having tried it, just looking at specs, something like this looks appropriate:

Marshall Electronics VS-103E-3GSDI 1080p60 Full HD Video Encoder with Embedded Audio


Anyone out there with firsthand experience

integrating live sources into WATCHOUT's Network Video object willing to share?



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Hello everyone!

I'm very new here and this will be my first Q on forum.

I'm wondering is it possible to match watchpax 2 (https://www.dataton.com/watchpax-features) and sdi camera via e.g. Magewell USB to SDI video card (https://www.thestreamingguys.com.au/magewell-usb-capture-sdi/)?

Do you have any experiences with those?

Thanks for reply and hi again to everyone :)


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This is it!

Miro, thank you very much for your answer!


Hi Mario,

we are also offering Magewell USB Capture device that works very good.

If you are based in Italy, you can email me directly: claudio@mectech.it


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Dear All


I have Watchpax 4  also purchased - Epiphan - DVI2USB 3.0 & SDI2USB 3.0 how do i install it . when i open the remote access  it is not opening in the production system it open via the display system on the screen , how do i activate it  , kindly guide me i am new to watchpax.



Showman Entertainment Pvt ltd

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