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Tip: WMP and QT — disabling hardware accelerated decoding


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By default, both Windows Media Player and QuickTime

will use the graphics card's hardware accelerator for assistance decoding movies.

WATCHOUT on the other hand will not use the GPU assistance.

To adjust WMP or QT to more closely approximate WATCHOUT behavuor,

you can change WMP or QT settings to disable the hardware assistance.


To disable WMP's use of hardware accelerated decoding
Open Windows Media Player and right click on the video window
to open this menu …




Select More options
Select the Performance tab of the options window




Under DVD and video playback
uncheck Turn on DirectX video Acceleration for wmv files

Disable a similar setting in Windows QuickTime via QT Player
(screenshot examples from Windows QuickTime Player 7.7.4) …

Open Windows QuickTime Player and go to Edit – Preferences – QuickTime Preferences …




in the Quicktime Preferences window, select the Advanced tab




and under Video – DirectX, turn off / uncheck
   Enable Direct3D video acceleration


These changes have no impact on WATCHOUT itself.

The purpose is to obtain results in the viewers

that are more closely related to the results you will achieve in WATCHOUT.

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