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Successful workaround for problem Wavex files


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As of recently my system has stopped playing multichannel audio files.  I have been using the standard Pro-Tools / Audacity software to create files and then move tracks into the correct channels.  I decided to mess with this tonight as I have a show loading in tomorrow.  By taking my files from Audacity, and running them through the Dataton "Channel Shifter" software…it fixed my problem.


Due to the way the channel shifter software works, you may have to assign your audio to various channels to allow it to save out, but then I brought it back in to channel shifter and re-assigned the audio the correct tracks….and Finally!


Very weird….not sure why Watchout isn't happy with Audacity….  But at least I have mutichannel Audio back!

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Digging a bit deeper now that I'm past that show…..It appears that in audacity, If I assign the files as follows:

1 - Left

2 - Right

3 - VO



……that when channel shifter gets them, they actually come up as

1 - left

2 - right

5 - VO

6 - VOG


Once that is changed in channel shifter, all file are in the correct places.

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You  are aware there is a difference between Windows 7 and how it did work under Windows XP, imposed by Microsoft?

This affects Audacity too, of course. Good that it works for you now at least.





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