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I have this error popping up “From Display I of Stage Tier “Base”of Stage, 2014-03-23 17::21:11 Runtime error , Unrecognized command: nop”


So what is the nop error?


The timeline is playing just fine, but the error pops up about very 30 seconds.



These are not my machines….so here want I remember …

WO version 5.5

They are running Win 7

SSD drive and Disk drive with OPS

They have some kind of video capture card with BNC connectors.






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On a similar note. I am receiving the same error even though I am running 5.5.1 on both the production computer and the display computers.  When I first began to create the show, I recieved the error message "display computers are not running the same version as the production computer". However I checked and all machines are indeed running 5.5.1


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