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Declink vs Watchout versions


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Hi all.
I have a WO system with a Blackmagic decklink Quad2 card.
WO is in versjon 6.5, declink Desktop Video running v 11.4.1.  All the latest.

Now I get live camera input in declinks own software 'media express'.. All working fine there. so line is good, input card is good.
When I attempt to get this livestream using WO software it does not work. just black image.

Ive previously had versions of WO not communicating with certain drivers of declink. So Ive had to find matches where they work. 
( I seem to remember WO 6.1.2 was a good version for declink stuff.)

Does anyone else have a combo of drivers versions that work? I'll need to be at WO 6.3.1 or above.
or any other tips on how to get the video via Watchout?

and.. Yes I know datapath-cards are superior and work better with WO..

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Which resolution/framerate are you using? Blackmagic drivers are not very good in detecting the incoming signal parameters. In WATCHOUT it is sometimes a question of trying a few input settings to make it work together. E.g. it you want to use 1080i59.94 you might have to set 1080p29.97 in WATCHOUT...

With Datapath drivers you should make it work at the first shot and Datapath has propper signal detection.

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On 2/7/2020 at 11:42 AM, Tyskern said:

-- solved --
it does not accept 25p, at all.

but it does accept 50hz, if you set WO to 25hz. ( not if you set it to 50..)
so two wrongs make a right.


sort of. It is about how the specification is interpreted. With interlaced video, there are two fields per frame. (Progressive video does not have fields, only frames).

I see some vendors who define interlaced 25 frames as 50 fields. i.e. 50 fields per second interlaced equals 25 frames per second interlaced.

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