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Display Computer control using Crestron


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I have programmed several shows for displays in the lobby of a new hotel. There is no one there that can run the Watchout production computer so I would like to control the display machine using commands from Crestron. I really don't know much about Crestron but the company that did the installation has a Crestron programmer available.

Can some one point me to any resources that would give us a step by step guide to get this going? 

We have questions about whether it's better to send TCP commands or try using serial commands. Also about the exact syntax of the commands.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Marty McGee

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There is no guide on how to program Crestron.

External control of WATCHOUT Display (cluster mode) is documented in the WATCHOUT User Guide. The information needed for any control system programmer is there.

I am aware of numerous WATCHOUT systems operating in cluster mode controlled by Crestron systems.

A very impressive one driving a flat panel wall behind a small stage off of the casino area at Ceaser's Palace. That system automatically picks up shows available on the display machine and provides a menu to choose from. Once a show is selected, it automatically finds all the tasks (aux timelines) and provides menus to run and control them. So if you edit the show, or add new shows, the control system just incorporates the changes without any change to Crestron programming. Very impressive. BTW Those are the same functions demonstrated in the old sample Adobe Flash program - WATCHOUT Remote (now discontinued).

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