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Help on MIDI Key mapping


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What does "... map MIDI controllers ..." mean?


The MIDI input learn capability typically makes it pretty easy to link a WATCHOUT input object to a specific action on a MIDI device.

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In modul8 for example, the command is called MIDI Key mapping.


I need help on mapping specific buttons on the interface to the keys on the controller... The keys are all set on watchout input panel, but it's hard to link the keys to the interface buttons.

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You don't have to map anything - just setup the inputs to respond. 

This has to be done one by one for each key/pad/control on the surface.


There is no way to natively map it like you do a DAW / Sequencer to control play / pause etc.

Personally i have started using QLab as a Watchout controller, simply for its comprehensive control ability.

Watchout is still champion for actual output however IMO - and QLab can't compete with this.



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I have a tip though : you only have to create all notes / controllers once. If you have created, named and linked all buttons and faders, just select all inputs, copy them and paste in a txt file.

Name this file "korg nano2" for instance.


Next show you create and use this controller, just open txt file, select all and copy, open input windows, paste and you have all your inputs from this device back! Ideal timesaver IMHO.



Grtz Walter

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I also need to understand better the sintax on the Trigger command line, in ths task window.


Have you read the WATCHOUT 5.2 User Guide,

Chapter 12, Tasks and Expressions, starting on page 209 ?


Perhaps you could be a little more specific on your areas of uncertainty?

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