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sound files make WO crash?


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I have a display computer with a 4xscreen output, using Nvidia NVS 510

and a juli@ sound card, balanced output.


now.. sound card is outputting audio fine in windows. though the juli@ card.

production laptop is playing the audio fine through its internal speakers. 

so far so good.

but when I go 'online' to make watchout output the audio through the juli@ card, then WO crashes and freezes on the boot screen, (wo logo screen).

Watchout v5.5.1, audiofile is wav, also tried mp3. The audio files are not corrupt..

Any ideas? need more info? please 




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Regular audio files render a graphic of the waveform in the cue.

Occasionally run across files that have problems with that rendering process.

This does not always work, but is worth a try ...

Try bringing the audio file into WATCHOUT as a media proxy, which skips the waveform rendering.

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Please turn Windows Media Center Features OFF, as mentioned in our Tweaking guidelines, and here in FORUM multiple times.


This is a requirement for stable WATCHOUT playback, as is the implementation of the full Tweaking list,

on Display as well as Production computers.




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