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2K 50Hz output on watchpax II - video playback only a still picture


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We have a setup with a watchpax II outputting 2 times 2K(2048x1080 at 50Hz).


This is feed into two projectors.


When playing a timeline with 2 videos we only get a starting Picture (Stage Windows on production PC plays back fine)


and then another frame if doing an stage -  update or stage - rebuild show cache.


I should mention the system is currently on a 100mbit switch - is gigabit needed?


Please advice?

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More than likely you are experiencing a network issue related to loss of UDP traffic,

which is consistent with your trouble description.

Reference the third post in the topic Routed Watchout? for a possible solution.


If the UDP loss is only between your production and display (which is the most common issue),

quit WATCHOUT and open WATCHOUT remote to run the show, it will most likely work fine.

If the show is already loaded, be sure to force a reload from WATCHOUT Remote for correct results.


Oh, and the 100mbit switch (more likely a hub) is probably not an issue.

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