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I need more information about 3d projection


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Hi, my name is Ademar from Brazil, we work with the watchout for corporate and medical events, we have a demand for medical surgeries play in 3d for an audience, imagine a passive system with polarizers in projectors, question, is the most suitable system? 

I could not understand how the 3d menu in preferences works, would be applied to passive 3d projections as I intend to do?
Could someone please give me a help? thanks.
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Hi Ademar,

In addition to Mike's comment = about the 3D settings in WO-preferences, you only need this if you intend to create depth of objects (using the Z-axis) in Watchout yourself. If not, just separate the L+R signals using tiers to send the L-signal to 1 projector and the R-signal to the other.

Indeed, Infitec highly recommended for larger groups = no special projection surface needed, and wider viewing angle without ghosting artifacts.



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