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Showcase Dataton and control app for World Cup 2014

Alex Ramos

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Come and visit us at Doha, there is a lot to talk about.


Some more info on the project.

I'm using around 600 timelines, and would need (but have no time) 7500 inputs to make it to my needs.


Core i7-3770 CPU

8 GB ram

AMD FirePro V7900

AMD S400 sync

Sata 1T

SSD 128 GB

BlackMagic HD-SDI capture 2 and 4 input

Asus MB

Behringer BCF2000 MIDI

Win 7 Home 64bit

DVI parrots

NEC monitors

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What a sweet gig Sir Alex.  Very well done!


I'm not much of a sport's fan.  But the rather odd thing is that while the entire world seems to come together for the World Cup, or maybe the Olympics, or whatever event might be capturing the world's attention for the moment, I feel more drawn together to people all over the earth by my association here with those doing Watchout shows, because we all know what that is about.  To me, borders disappear when we come together to discuss how a show or event might be produced.  No matter your country, political persuasion, religion, language, favorite sports team or whatever, if you are producing a Watchout show, please consider me as your friend who wishes and hopes for the very best for you.


OK, I suppose that's kind of corny, but maybe it's nice to know that we are all cheering for you, and admiring the work you've done.


Once again, a job well done! 

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