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Hi All,

Has anyone been successful in getting screen position values from kinesys to watchout? Is the tracking input method available in v6.5 and above supporting kinesys also? All parameters requested in watchout is also available in Kinesys. But entered them all and found no success. Port number is 6061. Multicast IP is Any tips?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey, I'm also trying to do this. Kinesys Vector does support RTTrPM, but is referred to as PosiStageNet in their documentation, which may be why googling didnt return any hits. I am recieving the packets at my Production PC (Monitroring using Wireshark), but Watchout still reports "not receiving!". Weirdly Wireshark reports the PSN packets on, not and if i set Watchout to listen on that address it crashes immediately

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