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Troubleshooting ArtNet input


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We are planning on using ArtNet inputs for dynamic positioning of media, but I'm not able to get any response in the Inputs panel. What are the troubleshooting steps?

We are sending ArtNet from a Pharos LPC X

I can receive the ArtNet stream in Artnetominator on the production computer. The display computers are Watchpax units, so I can't do any testing there.

I have tried both unicast to all machines in the cluster + production machine, and putting all machines in the network and broadcasting.

Which ArtNet net/subnet is Watchout listening for?

Are there any more troubleshooting steps? Does anyone know of any ArtNet sending software that is free (at least for testing) that works well with Watchout?

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Have you checked the universe settings in the preferences - control page?

WATCHOUT can use Artnet on any network. If you're sender can't use standard networks like 192.168.xxx.xxxx, you'd need to set WATCHOUT to the Artnet network.

Be aware that some Artnet software starts counting universes at 0 while other start at 1.

Also important!!! WATCHMAKER will only see Artnet when it is online.

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I have checked the settings in Watchmaker, and I can set up an ArtNet output that is both visible in Artnetominator and affects the input I’ve set up. If I use DMX-Workshop to send values I can see them in Artnetominator, but nothing happens in Watchmaker. It’s like it’s only able to output and won’t listen to any incoming Artnet traffic.

Is there any way to see which interface Watchmaker is listening on? We won’t be running a production computer later on though, as it is a permanent install. 

The Artnet output from Watchmaker comes from the correct interface though. Windows Firewall is off, all other interfaces has been disabled.

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Do you have more than one network connection open on your production computer? It is recommended to use only one NIC!.

In today's Academy training I have used a DMX input to trigger timelines without any issues (WO 6.5).

Maybe you could share some pictures of your settings in the preferences and your inputs.

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