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Display- Edit Startup Script?


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Hello everyone!


Just upgraded to v5 and working on configuring my setup.  One problem I'm having is with the new startup script option for Watchout Display.  I'm able to remotely power up/down the computers but I cannot get Display to launch at startup.  When I go to edit the startup script, the file is empty.  I looked through the documentation and did not see an answer.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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The "Edit Startup Script" is for the WATCHPAX.


No, the "Edit Startup Script" is not only for WATCHPAX.


It's empty in WATCHOUT, but not in WATCHPAX.


It's free to add there yourself, exactly as before.


If you want add autostart in the script, either copy the same info as used in WATCHPAX from here:



Or create a text yourself, with only what's needed, as described in the WATCHOUT 5.2 User Guide.

P259 in the Display Cluster Protocol chapter.


To run the Main Timeline from a show named "MyShow":


authenticate 1

setLogoString "The show will begin shortly"delay 5000load "MyShow"waitrun



To run an Auxiliary Timeline named "MyAuxTL", from a show named "MyShow":

authenticate 1setLogoString "The show will begin shortly"delay 5000load "MyShow"waitrun MyAuxTL

"setLogoString" is not necessary, but will show at startup as a confirmation that the script is used.



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