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Is this normal behavior?


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I have two Dell Vostro display computers with Nvidia 310 graphics card that are hooked up to an Extron's fiber optic extender. It is DVI to fiber. The signal runs into a two Sanyo XP 200L projectors 100' away to edge blend. The issue I am having is that when I have the display computers on the projectors don't see Watchout until I go online. The projectors countdown like they don't have a signal. I use to see the Watchout start up window with the ip address. Once I go online the system seems to run smooth. I have the Watchout display in the start up menu to go right into WO once the computer is up and running. So I took the signal out of the display computers and right into a dvi monitor and it started up with the WO start up window with the ip address, but when I hook it back up to the DVI to fiber I don't get a signal till I go online.

Any suggestions?



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