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Not so sophisticated computer configuration


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I'm trying to make custom PC for displaying movie with two WUXGA projectors. I searched forum to find something, but all I could find was usualy for 4 or more outputs. Since my setup is not event solution and I computer will be there for good, I'm looking for something that would be enough for simple setup (it will be one movie 2xWUXGA displayed on curved wall) and also won't cost much. I know about SSD disk and memory, but the problem for me are processor, motherboard and graphic card. Can you recomend something for this setup?

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I use this resolution regularly, the problem is, as explained in many places on here, with the data rate.  


If you have the media, find out what the maximum data rate is for the file you are trying to play and then work back from there.  Does the graphics card handle it? Is the bus fast enough? Can the cpu decode the data fast enough? Finally can the data be acquired off the HDD fast enough?  If the media is not under your control, use Jonas's PC specs as a guide and go for the best /latest and test thoroughly.  Look here:  http://forum.dataton.com/topic/734-watchout-5-technical-notes/


If it is under your control and a one shot show, I have used quite old dual head cards with core2duo based pc successfully for this, but you have to choose the data rates very carefully.... 

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