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WO control via artnet & Martin M1 console


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Martin has always been such a closed system,

you might have better luck looking for anyone who has controlled

a Martin console via ArtNet on a show control forum like

The Show Control mailing list


Out of curiosity, what do you expect to control in the console with a DMX level command?


I was looking for documentation of how the Martin M1 console's ArtNet input worked,

but there are a few broken links on Martin's documentation list.


Can you provide Martin's description of the function of its ArtNet input?

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Hi and tnx for the reply!


You are quite right, besides being really closed on info M1 is also not a very functional console. I will get the ArtNet input info and post it here later


Regarding the other question - what do I expect - well, nothing really, it's the curiosity that drives me, I just want to check if I'm able to do the connection between the M1 and WO, not only via ArtNet but also via MIDI and OSC

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