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H264 in 3840x1080 and WatchPax2


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We have a problem with playback of video with a resolution of 3840x1080 or 4096x1080 on a Watchpax2 going to two side by side 2K projectors.


MP4 is encoded using Adobe Media Encoder with High 5.1 profile in 25mbit/s. If going scaling down in resolution(2500x720) and bitrate(5mbit/s) it plays back fine..


Any ideas on how to avoid scaling down?

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WATCHPAX 2 is not designed to play 4K-content.

I think you're running out of hardware resources here.

One way might be to pre-split, (P42 in the manual) your content into 2 1920x1080 clips and use

a Video proxy instead.

Otherwise a Display computer and license is required for this playback scenario.



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Also, keep in mind, that while two 2K movies may be the same amount of pixels as the 1/2 4K movie,

running it as two movies instead of one better utilizes the available resources by spreading out the task

over more processor cores, etc.

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