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Strange errors


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Hi all!


I've received a set of strange messages from a display machine that was working until yesterday with another show.


The messages are:

Runtime error: Command load: Display Address or Output not found

Runtime error: Command activate; Display Address or Output not found

Runtime error: Command: gotoTime; Not applicable in current state


When connecting via remote to the problem machine everything seems perfect with the display configuration... machine is tweaked according to the list and it was working with no problems... no loses in ping...


Strange for me and my team... Any ideas ?

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It means that the computer you send the load command to loads a show with specified name. It then tries to find "itself" in that show, and the display output(s) to be used. This operation fails. Perhaps since its IP address doesn't match, or perhaps its name doesn't match (if you use named computers instead of IP addresses). For instance, if you load the show form a command file, and have no network attached, the computer may not find itself based on IP address, since it typically  has no IP address unless there's a network connection.



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Tnx for the suggestions. First what I've checked before posting was the network (physical connection, IP address, ping). I've forgotten to mention in the post that everything seemed fine - ping was going correctly, remote connection via WO was OK, etc... we've even changed the LAN cable and the switch just to be sure because it really seemed as a network problem... Since it was after 20 hours of setting up we couldn't really think of anything else and I did the post. While waiting for the post to be approved we've decided to do one final thing - we had noticed that the problem was not all the time, sometimes the videos started and after a while (different points in time) computer disappered - so our final decision was to recode all the videos. As usual for our geographical location all videos were received let's say 30mins prior to the rehearsal and we hoped everything was done according to our requirements.


So the result - after starting the recoding we saw that they were in some strange version of AVC codec... Adobe Media Encoder even had problems recoding... Finally over the night we managed to recode them to h.264, uploaded them, checked everything and we were ready for the final rehearal before the live event. There were no problems, it happened to be a very good tv concert.


Tnx for all the suggestions and the help once more.

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