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Problem with TCP/IP control


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I have encountered a problem with Watchout. I have two instalations on one object (two separate computer clusters in one museum). I'm using TCP/IP commands to control it (basicly it's just load and play). The problem is that the first show is starting ok, but second one ONLY is the first one is turned on. When I start second show without first one, it goes through authenticate 1, it successfuly loads show, but it stops at run command- It displays not applicable in current state. If first cluster is running- second runs also.


Watchout 5.5.1


Is it a problem with TCP control, or with show itself?

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It is most likely a problem with the show files. A display can only be a member of one cluster at a time.

If both show files reference a common display, then the display will will work with the last one to reference it.

If the display stolen by the second file to load was the master of the first group,

then the remainder of the first group will stop having lost its cluster master.

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It's strange because each display in both cluster has uniqe name. First cluster consists of 2 computers (8 displays- named D1.1; D1.2 ... D4.1; D4.2), second of 6 computer (22 displays named G1 ... G5; D1 ... D5; L-G1 ... L-G5; L-D1 ... L-D5; S1; S2). Each computer has different IP adress. Is there any other place in watchout configuration where the conflict can occur? I don't have cluster name and cluster IP prefix set.

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It's not clear what display name and cluster name you're using. The cluster names should be different for the two clusters. The display names should be same if you want the two clusters to run the same show file. I get the impression that your display name is a number. That may confuse the system Try making the cluster and display names alphanumerical (i.e., with a leading alphabetic character).



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The cluster members consist of all display rectangles defined in the stage of a single show file.

So if there is a display rectangle with the computer name used in another show file, even if it has no content,

that could cause such a conflict.

Double check to make sure there are not two display rectangles stacked in the exact same location.

(I go through and delete each display rectangle to make sure there is not one underneath it,

when I do not see a duplicate, I hit undo and move on to the next).

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I checked stage displays again, and there is no two display names alike. I also checked empty space in show to be sure if there is nothing left there. To make it more clear it looks like this:

Cluster 1 (it has no name set in Preferences/General)

Display Names: D1.1; D1.2; D2.1; D2.2; D3.1; D3.2; D4.1; D4.2 (8 displays)

Cluster 2 (no name set in Preferences/General)

Display Names: G1; G2; G3; G4; G5; D1; D2; D3; D4; D5; L-G1; L-G2; L-G3; L-G4; L-G5; L-D1; L-D2; L-D3; L-D4; L-D5; S1; S2 (22 displays)


How can I see which computer is master for cluster?

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