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Yes, of course.

Make your movie with no subtitles.

Create your subtitles for each language as separate still graphics

(WATCHOUT supports transparency for the subtitle graphics if you wish).

Place the subtitles for each language on a different layer.

Each subtitle layer is then assigned as a unique conditional layer.

You can use more than one layer for each language,

just assign all the layers for one language with the same conditional value.

You are not limited on size, placement, fonts, etc so you are free to design the subtitles

as you see fit.


Then use your control system to activate just the value for the desired language

(WATCHNET or even the free WATCHOUT Remote utility can switch conditional layers,

as well as most popular AV control systems).

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thank you for your answer.

what is a still graphic file?

can you send me a sample ?


thank you again




still graphic file is any file format that provides a bitmap representation of a still image.

They come in many forms - photoshop (.psd), jpeg, tiff, .psd, bmp, pict, etc.etc).

If the file format provides transparency (alpha) information -

    .psd & .png are the most popular for transparency,

WATCHOUT will utilize the transparency information appropriately.

Any image editor can produce the files you will need for the subtitles,

including the one included with Windows - Paint.

The built-in WATCHOUT text media object can produce reasonable text files

 with transparent backgrounds for you as well.

By comparison, Photoshop has detailed text generation functions, so

.psd is a popular choice for the subtitle task.


For more information, refer to the WATCHOUT 5 User Guide

Chapter 3 - Media, page 34 & 35 - STILL IMAGES and page 52 - TEXT


You can find sample still image files on any Windows computer, Microsoft includes three sample files

in the standard Windows install. They are found in My Documents - My Pictures 

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