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Video Stutters


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Got this one problem with my system that occurs every now and then: When I play video files, the video stutters on the displays after few seconds, jumping every five seconds to another frame (regardless if in main timeline or in a task, wheather free running or going along the timeline - chcecked all of the options in different configurations). In preview window of Production it plays without any problems.


I would think that it's a codec thing in the specific video, but the odd thing is that when I check the "looping" option in cue options the stutter is gone and the video plays smoothly. That's my way of going round the problem, but just makes me wonder what can be wrong with my system.


I think that it is a system or codec based thing peculiar to my system as when running on another one from a different company with exactly the same hardware configuration, a video would stutter at mine, and play very smoothly on the borrowed one. The only difference between the systems was software - my windows 7 is optimised as Dataton suggest, and the other one is installed as is, without any tweaking.


Got any ideas what can be wrong?


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That looks like a capable setup, similar to the setups in the Dataton lab, running these kind of files without any issues.

All tweaked as usual, no problems. So in theory it should work well. Cannot see that the tweaking would do things worse in this scenario.


Any other codec packs installed? Windows Media Center Features turned off?



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Double check power savings are all disabled,

check the component drivers for NIC, HD controllers, etc.

  to confirm no secondary power savings settings.

A component may be throttling down or going to sleep iono.gif

have you tried a fairy long (3-5 sec) manual preroll instead of the loop selection trick?

If something is going into a lower power mode, extra time to rev back up may make a difference.


Also, are the movies butted up against a Control Pause cue?

When a timeline transitions from paused (halt) to run,

 there is a bit of housekeeping to take care of too,

 which may interfere with a smooth start.

If so, try backing the movie cuss off the pause cue by 0.05 to 0.10 sec to see if that helps.

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This has occurred on a non-Watchout system of mine years ago. Somewhere along the way, something is broken - another media player and its codecs has taken priority/current codec(s) broken/Directshow filters broken/who knows?


The fastest way to solve the problem rather than the hours of trouble-shooting, which may turn out fruitless, especially since it is intermittent, is to re-install Windows either from scratch or over the existing one. Then tweak again to Dataton's specs which takes seconds.


Thomas Leong

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