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Watchout scheduler program opens to blank screen


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Has anyone incountered the issue with the WO scheduler opening up to a blank screen. There is no error, just a white window. My client says it was working a week ago then it just stopped. I've reloaded the software a couple of times without change. I feel like there is something I'm missing.

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Are you using WATCHNET v1.1?

There were some fixes related to scheduler in that version.


But that still does not explain why it worked in the past and mysteriously stopped working.

I would be suspicious of new software installs as a potential conflict.

Also check the possibility the watchnet computer has picked up a virus or other form of attack.

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We are using the WO Systems Manager - Scheduler Application.  We also installed the remote application and that worked fine.  I wanted something simple for my client to use.  I think Watchnet might confuse her as she barely knows Watchout.  The computer has never been online, so I don't think it is a virus and she said she hasn't installed any new software, but I will check next time I'm out.

Is there a new version of the WO system manager?

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