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UDP reliability issues


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I've done multiple searches on the forum and couldn't find my same issues:


I'm running a Moxa 5210A serial device server, UDP protocol to two Sayno XP-200L projectors. I am having problems with 100% consistency on data transfer to both of my projectors. 


I changed the default port number of one projector from 4001 to 4005 and enabled data packing, which solved my issues on one projector, but the other projector remains inconsistent. I'm just using dowsing commands.


Has anyone experience similar issues? 


Here is my exact configuration:


Ports 4005 and 4002

19200 bps

no parity

stop bit 1

no flow control



and no, the string commands are not in the exact spot in the timeline.


Please help!

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UDP is by definition "unreliable". If the device supports TCP, you may want to consider using that instead. It sounds as if the device is controlled by serial data, and you use a MOXA to interface. I believe the MOXA handles TCP as well, which should be more "reliable".



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I've experienced some issues with Moxa serial converters as they lock the socket connection once this is inactive for a period of time. Then you need to restart the Moxa power in order to wake it up.

Again, always TCP is a saver connection albeit is not the solution to avoid Moxa to lock up connections.





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i have used the moxa single ports, 5100 series for years on many many shows as serial device servers for RS-232, 422, and 485. I have never had them be inconsistent.  You said you changed a port number on a projector, you are connecting to the projector with a 9 pin serial cable correct ? or were you talking about the port on the moxa ? to use WO with the moxa i would use TCP, set the moxa as a tcp multi client server and the serial settings required for your projector. often times the serial port of the projector is less configurable than these device servers. you may need to try different flow control settings for example if they are not specified in the projector manual.


i have used these with fixed cameras, robo cameras, switchers, matrices, projectors, monitors, relays, and more. I guess you could have a bad one but if it is a dual serial port and working on one projector there may be a different problem. what happens when you cross plug them ?



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