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I have a project coming up for which we need to project 6 computer dvi in sync.

I want to use 2 computers with datapath vision hd4 capture card.

we use projectors and we need to edge blend them.

each computer with 3 inputs and outputs.


will it work ? do I need a specific computer configuration ?


thank you,



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Yes, it can be made to work.


And yes, you will need a specific computer configuration.


The specifics of that configuration hinge on a lot of variables related to output resolution and 

content requirements (movie vs stills, number of concurrent movies - their frame rate, resolution, codec, etc).


If you are unsure of those variables, then you build for the most demanding case (i.e. beaucoup € )


Show Sage defines its most demanding case as decoding six concurrent 1080p30 (1920x1080)

  or three concurrent 4k_UHDp24 (3840x2160) movie files.

To fulfill that, we use 12 core cpu, fastest DDR4 memory available,

SSD media drives on a PCIe 3.0 interface (because it is faster than SATA3),

a SATA3 SSD for the OS and archives,

and a motherboard to support all that.

And a professional GPU.

For three outputs per computer, the AMD FirePro W8100 appears to be a very good choice.


And of course, that is only the starting point. with the correct hardware choices,

 the key to stable performance is the Windows preparation

 and the stability of the hardware's driver software.

(see WATCHOUT 5 Technical notes for more information on Windows software prep.)

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