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video pauses on display server after 15 sec

National Graphics

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hi, i encountered a problem in a recent show, i tried playing video files, but video files pauses on display server after 15sec on its own, but work smoth on production server stage window. then if i pause and play , video files start playing on display server but again pauses after 15 sec. :o

i tried all video formats .mpg, .mp4, .mov, .wmv.... no luck. :(

even i tried changing bit rate from minimum to maximum, no luck again. :(  :(

i trid changing 3 different display servers,.. no luck.  :angry:   :angry:

have any one encountered such a problem ever..??

what could be possible happening. please share.


although i formatted my systems and re installed windows and made new servers. now all files working fine. :)  :)  :)

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I had a problem where i setup my videos to free runing looping and they pause after a while, and at producer computer keep looping, didnt stop at exctly frame or time, was random. Still dont know why. So when it pauses i used the update or stop and play again. Also tried diferent codecs.


Used xilisoft video converter 7 to convert the videos

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You make no mention of the preparation of the computer exhibiting these issues.


Yes, others have encountered such issues with improperly prepared computers.

Almost sounds like you have Windows Media Center active,

which is a big no-no, known to cause erratic behavuor like yours.

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