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Midi trigger "Play/Pause" on Maintimeline


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I'am using different midi-interfaces to controll watchout.

Triggering auxiliary timelines or parameters such opacity works fine.


2 questions:


1. it would be great to trigger the Main Timeline "Play-Pause" control.

2. and pause an active playing auxiliary timeline via midi.

Is there any solution for this?


Best regards,


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Yes, simply create very short auxiliary timelines ( i use one second duration)

that contain control cues to play or pause the desired timeline.

i.e. timelines can control other timelines.


Place your midi note input in the trigger field of the aux timeline used to control other timelines.

Toggling function is best left to live operator control, where the operator can dtermine the current state

and decide wether to toggle the action.

i.e. Toggling play pause from a control system would be risky,

a positive play and a separate positive pause would be much safer.


But if you must, a simple aux timeline with

one play cue to the other timeline,

a pause cue to itself,

a pause cue to the other timeline,

a pause to itself,

followed by a loop back to run the first play cue to the other timeline

would accomplish the desired result

(providing there are no pause cues in the controlled timeline).

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I have what seems like a simple question, but I can't figure it out (full disclosure - I'm a newbie to the Midi world and don't really know what I'm doing).


I have a Korg Nanopad2 and have configured several buttons as you describe above with 1 second aux timelines (i.e. buttons to jump to a particular cue, run from a particular cue, etc).  I have also configured buttons specifically for play (i.e. run) and pause of the main timeline.


Everything works as expected on the production machine.  When I switch to cluster mode and connect to the main computer, everything works except for the run key.  The control cue on the aux timeline for run is "tell main timeline" with the run box checked and no jump to run delay (i.e. 0).  As I said, when connected to the production computer it works as expected.  When connected to the cluster, run doesn't seem to work.  All the other buttons work.


What am I missing?

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Thanks for the suggestion, Thomas.


I tried the check box for "Jump to Time 0", and it does work.  However, it jumps the timeline back to the beginning (time 0.0).  I can already achieve something similar by jumping to a particular control cue and then running.  What I want to achieve is a run from wherever the playback head is sitting.  Perhaps there is no "playback head" in cluster mode?


As I said, pause works.  Run works on a production machine, just not in cluster mode.

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