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Long distance active HDMI leads


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I'm working on a show which requires long video cable runs of 25m and beyond.

Rather than breaking out over Cat5/6 I've tried connecting a 40m boosted/active HDMI lead to my display PC's FirePro w600 card with active mini display port to HDMI adaptors. There's no signal to the display but if I connect a professional media player to the same 40m boosted HDMI cable run it works okay.


Is the active HDMI lead incompatible with my active display port to HDMI adaptors, or is there another reason why the long cable isn't working??



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When discussing display cable lengths, resolution and refresh rate (total bandwidth) are significant as well. 

i.e What may work at 100' for 1400x1050@60p Hz may not work the same for 1920x1080@60p

This is especially true for long copper runs.

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