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Not possible to delete a stage tier and to lock a stage tier


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Hi there,

1) I'm having trouble with a wrong defined stage tier, which I like to delete. This seems unpossible (version WO 4.2.2). Anyone an idea?

2) It would be nice if you could "lock" the stage tier : I am using a stage tier for 16 display pc's and now and then I rearrange by accident parts of the tier resulting in shifted content on the Christie tiles. Any suggestion is welcome


Kees van Wezel

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Hi Kees!


You are indeed correct regarding "delete tiers". Currently, it can not be done. You just have to leave them if they are not used. They do not consume any extra overhead. It is not a bug "as such" but it will be addressed in one of the future versions.


Regarding your comment on "locking tiers". It is also correct, currently, you can not lock the displays in the stage window but you can lock the layers (and its media) in the timeline. Isn't that what you are looking for?


Best regards,

Fredrik Svahnberg


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Hi Fredrik,


Thanks for the answers!

About delete tiers : they don't consume overhead from a technical perspective, but from a users perspective they do, because they are in the show and by choosing a wrong one you create a problem in displaying content the right way on the Christie microtiles videowall.


About locking the tier : I indeed mean locking in the stage screen : if you move -mostly by accident- one of the areas (in our case representing 1 of the 16 display computers) this will create gaps and shifted content on the wall : see attached image


Best regards,

Kees van Wezel


By the way : how can I add attachments in this forum-item?? Icon Image pop-ups a URL-screen instead of a choice to select a file

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