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Change Display/Stage settings for an output in the same project?


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Hi all!
I am facing a problem I would LOVE to solve on the Display/Stage Side of Watchout.

I would try to simplify my investigation.

My projection surface will change it's shape during the show.

Assuming I have 10 AUX Timelines in a project.

I would LOVE to be able and tell 5 to be projected via Display settings that are different from the other 5...

The same projector is used and it's basically ONE Project.

Lets say I need 2 different Geometry setups. Is is possible?

I really hope I am clear.

I would want to avoid dealing with the Corner pins of each video because of their amount and the chance of moving location. Having to change "Only" the stage/display settings will make the workflow better.


Any input is appreciated!




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Another approach would be to use different show files for the two different geometry needs.

Simply load the correct show for the geometry setup desired.

If you plan a transition still image in both shows,

you can even load the new show without any image change (granted the geometry will change).

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Thanks for the replies guys!
JFK, a quick question, since we already tested your suggestion;
What would be the safest way of loading another show? (Remote? Off-line -> Load -> Online?)
We are in a live theater show.
What precautions would you suggest in our situation?



Thanks for the input, we might run some cables soon :)

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Either method (Remote or Off-line -> Load -> Online?) should work about the same.

I would recommend using Standby for the process either way.


In both shows, create standby layer(s) that are the same the entire duration of each show.


Either from IP control (remote, watchnet, other control systems) or watchmaker ...

Enter standby, load other show, (set time position if anything other than 0 is desired,

set and pause any aux timelines needed), exit standby.


Also note, if the show that is loaded is the same name as the current loaded show,

the timeline time positon will not reset to 0, auxiliary timelines will not reset, all will remain where they are.

Loading a show with a different name will set the time position to 0, all aux timelines stopped at 0.


"load other show" is a single load command from IP (as cluster mode is always "online").

With watchmaker "load other show" means go offline, open new show, go online.


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Thanks for the info. Last but not least,

Offline - load by double clicking a project file - Back to online

Will work the same as you stated above right?

I might not use remote due to unrelated foreign language conflict.


No, it will randomly jump to whatever is displayed at time 0 on your main timeline at time of load

instead of retaining a common image in the two shows.

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