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RAM memory 2133 vs 3200


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Hi all,


I am buidling a new rig.


setup needs to run 4 outputs 2 layers background 2x capture


Asus X99 A


Firepro W7100

2x 250G SSD Samsung

VISion E1S

Decklink SDI


i was wondering if there is a big difference between corsair ddr4 16 GB 2133 or 3200 speed?


hope to hear from you guys. 



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  • Moderator

I think you would have to push the slower system past its performance threshold to see any difference.

i.e. if the system with the 1600 memory begins to stutter / drop frames,

 it is possible the system with 3200 may not.

Just because all your show materials are within the slower memory's threshold

does not mean there is no potential benefit to the faster memory.


But quantifying that is dependent on so many variables,

that one person's results may not have any bearing for the next person.

i.e. the only way to tell is to test it yourself

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